Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Back on the Wagon

Well! where have you been Miro Roundup? it seems all this illustrating business got the better of us and we fell off the old wagon for awhile! Now they say the first step to recovery is admitting you have a problem so here it goes.........'Hi, my name is Rebekah and I have been neglecting my blog, its been three weeks since my last post' (then you say 'Hi Rebekah!'). But chin up my fellow travelers I have gathered up the horses, changed the wagon wheels (mmm wagon wheels) and am propped up on top ready to ride once again! yeeeeha!

Thank you Nick for being the only one (including me) who manage to get an illo done for our DREAM word, love the new style by the way. If you have a dream illo on the way and do not want to give up on it just post the link when your done and ill add it to Nick's. For those of you that need a brand spanking new word to get those juices flowing wrap your brains around this one 'SPACE'. At the risk of giving away my tendencies for sci fi (nerds are in this season!) remember its up to you how you interpret this lager than life word, live long and prosper people!

oh and lets make this one due on the 19th of April so as to ease ourselves back in........

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