Sunday, March 13, 2011

HUNTING and new word

Thanks so much to Naomi for her spooky yet endearing 'Sky Shark', love it! I know there maybe some late hunting illustrations still to come so just post a link when your done and I will add them to blog.

Now for this weeks new word! I thought long and hard about this one, I wanted a word that would make one jump from their desktops, grab the nearest drawing implement and illustrate like they have never illustrated before! So I thought to myself "what motivates me?" several things came to mind (including chocolate....) but really what motivates me are my hopes and dreams for myself, so thats it, the word of the week is DREAM. I hope this word inspires you no matter what your dreams may be (oh I can hear the violins;) x

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Be vewy vewy quiet.........

Grab your clubs fellow fearless miro hunters, like the cave men (and women) that came before us we are on the hunt. lets whack an idea over the head, drag it back to our caves and turn it into a delicious miro illustration full of protein! post the links to your kill in the comments and on Friday I shall cut their heads off and mount them on the blog wall for all to cower at "honestly it was this big!"

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

New Word of the Week

I hope no one minds but I just had to post the latest hairy entries directly to the blog. Thank you so much Naomi and Flick your work is amazing!!!!

Now everyone get your thinking caps on because this weeks miro word of the week comes direct to you from the Collins Concise English Dictionary (third edition) and my right pointer fingure, it is............HUNTING! now I know this may not sit to well with the vegetarians among us but lets remember there are all sorts of different things to go hunting for in this crazy world of ours.

'Be vewy vewy qwiet, im hunting illustrators' (forgive me, I had to do it!)

P.S. lets make this one due on the 10th March x