Sunday, June 19, 2011


I've got good news for you my Miro mates, I had a vision today, a close encounter if you will......... (insert dream flash back music) I was walking through a green field, there were flying sheep and dancing ducks all around, the sky was a deep shade of purple and all the tree's seemed to be swaying together as if to music, suddenly a voice from above whispered to me through the wind 'Give them an extension, give them an extension'. At first I though the voice wanted me to send you all extension cords but after further thought I realized it wanted me to extend this fortnights word for another week! So thanks to the powers that be you now have another wonderful week to assemble your fabulous HOBBY illo's, I cant wait to collect the whole set!

PS if you get a random extension cord in the mail I had nothing to do with it......


  1. No one has been playing with me so I decided to stop for awhile. I'm thinking of making the blog a bit more interactive so I don't have to run the whole thing myself. Maybe have a way for anyone to post a new word, i'll let you know as soon as its back up and running:)