Saturday, January 29, 2011

Howdy Partner!

This weeks challenge is to create the most root'n toot'n Blog banner in this here county. It Must have the title 'Miro Roundup' in it and be 130px height x 660px wide, but other than that its all up to you cowboys and cowgirls! Post your banner (by leaving a link to it in the comments for this post) by Feb 9th and we'll put it to an old fashioned vote (the loser cleans out the spittoon!) good luck.


  1. Here she is y'all! my Miro Roundup banner

    Miro Banner

    Hope you like it!

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  3. Well partner,
    i see that (and LOVE it)
    and i raise you this...

    MIRO: the greatest four letter word


  4. I want to vote but I feel bad that i didnt submit my own work. do I vote here?

  5. Yep vote here Flick;) don't feel bad the whole group blog thing was your idea anyway, and it's just for fun, no feeling bad! X

  6. Haylea i love yours : ). My vote goes to Haylea.

  7. I love all of them. but my final vote goes to Haylea! Good job guys :) lets start drawing!